Soul Clap for Piano in D Minor

There's something deeply soulful about to the piano strokes of the appropriately nicknamed Soul Hug. It's hard to explain, but if you're the kind of listener who hears music deeply, then maybe no explanation will be necessary. Maybe you'll be similarly affected by the pure and simple sound of a solitary piano under the hands of a musician with a sincere passion for the instrument, and a knack for hitting just the right notes.

The nine original songs on Soul Hug's recently released Elepianote EP are mellow and sweetly melodic. If you're not in the right mindset for that today (or tonight), it's okay. Save it for when you need something in that vein, and nothing else in your mp3 player is doing it. And when that time does come, do what I did: Press play, lower your eyelids, and see where the music takes you.

As for me, I'm wandering into a hotel lobby in some strange city situated in the Pacific Rim of my frontal lobe. It's just after 2 AM when I push inside the nameless hotel through the brass-and-glass revolving doors. Once inside, my ears are caught by the warming notes of a piano that beckon to me from around a nearby corner. Following the sound, I'm guided to the doorway of a dimly lit bar.

Stepping inside the double-doored entrance, my eyes make out the dimly lit shape of a young, hip-hop-looking cat who's seated at a piano, twenty or so feet away. His head is wrapped in a brown wool-knit cap with its brim 'broken off' to the left. A lit Marlboro pokes out from the lips of a thinly haired goatee. His slim frame is garbed in a white tee-shirt and baggy Phat Farm blue jeans that flood down over the tops of wheat-colored Timberlands.

Like myself, the musician is also in town from someplace else far away. Needing an escape from the solitary confinement of his friendless hotel room, he took to wandering the hotel's hallways. Before long, he'd found the sanctuary that he needed in this darkened bar with a Wurlitzer piano parallel parked in a corner.

Mesmerized by the plinking of the keys, I slink into the cushioned booth just inside the entrance. As my eyes finish adjusting to the darkness, they reveal to me that I'm not alone here; hidden in the cushions of other booths nearby are a dozen more mesmerized listeners who were–just as I was–beckoned there by the warming allure of piano notes. 

A skinny little server saunters over and asks what I'll be having. I ask what the guy at the piano is drinking. "Thirty-year-old sake," she replies with a knowing smile. Slowly, I nod my head to signal agreement. And as she twirls her narrow hips to leave, I place a palm on the small of her spine, and ask that she also take a bottle to the wandering virtuoso with his fingers on the keys.


1. Love Note 
2. 月下美人 (Gekkabijin) 
3. Street
4. Three Color Of Night View
5. Kiss 
6. 侍 Samurai 
7. World Prayer 
9. Pirates of Legend  

Link courtesy of J-MP3 
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Thanks to Mr. Tang @ Word is Bond for the Soul Hug hook-up (by way of Otokaze).

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