Golden Boy As Anthony Cool - No (Dust) Jacket Required

Special note: When I first learned of Golden Boy as Anthony Cool, it was somehow fixed in my head that the book was a soft-cover publication. I was pleasantly surprised when I tore back the wrapping paper that the book came mailed to me in and discovered that it was published in hardback. But this wasn't the only surprise the book would hold for me.

As is the usual habit for me, before starting to read the book I removed the dust cover to preserve its condition. The paper cover on the book that I received had endured a noticeable bit of wear in the years since '72, so I was especially mindful to remove it before my reading. Well, when the dust jacket had been slipped off, I was amazed to see embedded in the cover several wall scrawlings that were taken from photographs appearing on several of the pages within. The scan here does them no justice, but they were produced with handsome blue foil stamping.

For me, seeing those hidden markings reminded me of just how it used to feel all those years ago whenever I walked into or underneath some isolated concrete structure to find memorialized on the walls around evidence of some of the people who'd been there before me. Mindful of this feeling, I was torn about spoiling the surprise for anyone who might purchase the book after seeing this post, but figured it should be mentioned, in case you're not the type who removes the dust jacket. 

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