Strictly for my N.I.N.J.A.Z.

Two of the 'most wanted' items in my Ebay saved searches list (see previous post) finally appeared on the go-to auction site around the holidays. The harder-to-find The Secrets of Ninjutsu, published in 1975, had probably been on the list the longest -- two to three years, maybe. And though I knew enuff' about its elusive existence to include its title in my saved searches, I had never actually seen a copy, and thus never knew what it looked like! Well, behold the eye-gouging 70's goodness posted below!

Since publishing the bootleg of Count Dante's World's Deadliest Fighting Secrets nearly five years ago, a handful of folks who've purchased that booklet have written to ask if I also had copies of The Secrets of Ninjutsu. Now that I've finally got my grimy palms on one, I may make a really limited edition KFG bootleg of this baby. I mean, considering how long I waited for this one to appear on the world's greatest auction site, clearly there aren't very many of these old scrolls still around.

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