The Lover's Rock Special Dedication Hour on K-LOVE 99.5

Is it live or is it Memorex? It's live, baby! All the way live and direct from the soul shocking, body rocking turntables of the Super B-Beat Boys! In promotion of San Diego's 10th Annual Lover's Rock jam (Saturday, February 9th), deejays Mane One, Son of Jarel & Super Kool DJ Sake have spread a mighty love across the web with their luscious new Lover's Rock mixtape. Sixty pulse-pounding minutes of funk, disco, hip-hop and vintage slow jams. This set will prolly have all ya'll foxy mamas and fly guys not only wanting to put on your boogie shoes, but also wanting to strip down to your birthday suits for some old-school-hot-buttered love making!


MJA said...

what about the smooth hosting from Freddy the fat Man? haha

St. Paco said...

I thought about mentioning him, but wasn't sure if he was 'real' or someone's clever alter ego.