[Archive] A longing look back at the anime 'Video Comics' of Streamline Pictures

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As of late, I have found myself missing the golden age of anime in the US, a time some two decades ago when fans of the genre here were actually limited to fewer than one hundred different "Japanimation" titles––yes, which seemed like a lot back then. During the late 1980s, animated productions from Japan had finally become available to rent and buy thanks to a handful of American distributors. One of the best at that time was Streamline Pictures. This was the company that brought Akira, Fists of the North Star, Robot Carnival, Wicked City, Megazone 23 and several others to home entertainment specialty stores and comic book shops across country. Most of what the old school otaku in America like myself know about anime is due largely to what was carried in the Streamline Pictures catalog.

Anyway, with an expanding sense of nostalgia for the anime of that bygone time gnawing away at my heart's innards, I pulled a box out of the closet and began thumbing through some old copies Heavy Metal magazine; this done with the desire of finding an old two-page ad of Streamline's so called "Video Comics", whose forgotten place in my memory had somehow been recalled. When I'd found what I was looking for, I wasn't sure that I'd discover anything pictured on those pages I'd want to watch now that I hadn't already bought or borrowed in the twenty-plus year since those ad pages were printed. But I was fairly certain that looking at the pages would stir up again an old sense of longing that this same act always had in the not-so-distant past.

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