[Archives] Vintage Mobile Suit Gundam animated GIFs, circa 1999-2000

One great thing about being a pack rat living in the 21st century is that a lot of what you [ahem] "archive" is in digital format. Thus your acquisitions can be saved to a computer's multi-gigabyte hard drive, or stored on an even larger external drive...where they can then be completely forgotten all about, as was the case with these now vintage animated gifs depicting robots from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime universe. Who knows what this blogger intended to do with them when they were downloaded from Buddha-knows-where in the spring of 2000. He wasn't even doing much in the way of blogging then, and wasn't a follower of Gundam-related anime, instead being a tremendous fan of the transforming robots of Super-Dimensional Fortress Macross (aka Robotech), MSG's biggest rival in anime then. But these animated gifs were super cool looking in the "low-fi" early days of the interweb, and today they've provided a fairly fantastic bit of fodder for this backwards-glancing blog post, fifteen years after they were [ahem] brilliantly stored away for posterity.  

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