[Personal Shoplifter™] Agent Aika Complete Collection (Bandai Anime Legends, 2008)

The 30-day Amazon Prime trial subscription initiated by this blogger some 29.9 days earlier [bats eyelashes innocently] was within minutes of expiring as he tossed the Agent Aika Complete Collection DVD into a cyber shopping cart and pimp strutted over to the virtual checkout aisle. He hadn't previously viewed any of this 7-episode OVA (original video animation) before, and was only vaguely familiar with Aika from having seen the cover of the 7th episode DVD on a store shelf a time or two. What had prompted this last minute impulse purchase, with free 2-day shipping, was the $4.90 list price on a 2-disc DVD set with an original SRP of $39.98!

Another significant selling point was that fact that the Agent Aika Complete Collection was produced under the Anime Legends line of the dearly defunct Bandai Entertainment (1998-2012). Anyone who owns any of the other Anime Legends releases––the Cowboy Bebop Remix Complete Collection, Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig Complete Collection, and Gurran Lagann Complete Collection among them––knows the level of geek friendly care that was lavished upon these sets. And the Agent Aika Complete Collection lives up the Anime Legends reputation admirably, as there are oodles of cool extras packed into this 2-disc set!

Now regarding the actual anime itself? Well, let's just say that Aika offers viewers gratuitous levels of 'fan service' that may catch the uninitiated (yours truly included) a bit off guard. But it's really all in good, clean...ok, almost dirty fun. And it's also deftly illustrated and beautifully animated. In fact, in terms of execution, I'd put Aika up against any of the best anime titles produced in the '90s, including Giant Robo and Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's that well done. And still priced at $4.90 at the time of this post (buy here), this one is a real steal of a deal™.

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