Did I mention that I wrote letters to Wesley Snipes while he was locked up? [Hot Linked]

No, I never mentioned it before? 

Really, are you sure?

Hmm. That's actually surprising, considering all the Wesley Snipes fans who keep my "Blade: Blood War" fan art piece in the 'Most Viewed' column over there on the right.

Oh well, True Believer, you can read what I wrote about it (and two of the actual letters) over on Medium by clicking here.

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Hey, Marvel! You got some purty colors on them new fangled 'Avengers: Infinity War' posters

Pink, electric cyan, lavender, greens, reds, varying shades of blue and hints of still other nearly-fluorescent colors. The arrangement is, um... "virtually antithetical to the hyper-masculine colors typically associated with testosterone-driven superhero movies." Heck, it almost kinda-sorta makes you wonder how ya'll came up with such a color palette.

Naw, just kidding. It really it doesn't. [Stares in Don Cheadle] Well played, motherfuckers.

Anywho, just wanted to say beautiful work on the 22 Avengers: Infinity War posters that you dropped on the nerdiverse today. Really beautiful. I approve. (You also get middle fingers, yeah, but I approve.)

St. Paco


Opinion: Halle Berry Was Right Choice To Play Storm In ‘X-Men’ Movies [Hot Linked]

Yoooo! My new piece over on Medium goes out as a special dedication to all the Halle Berry haters–cuz y'all suck. Feel free to get abreast on how I managed to milk more out of this very passionate topic of debate amongst geeks than should have been possible by c-licking here.

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