Black Rock Shooter [Virtuoso Version]

Since sharing the video clip for the forthcoming Black Rock Shooter anime a few posts ago, I've been pretty much hooked on the BRS theme song. I even have it in my iPod playlist.

While scrollin' through my blog posts tonight, I felt the urge to check out the video again. When the clip ended, I noticed the link to the video posted above.

Featured in the clip is a mysterious violinist playin' over the instrumental of the Black Rock Shooter theme song. Pretty effin' impressive, methinks.

I also think that the video exemplifies some of the coolest aspects of the user generated content which drives sites like YouTube. The video features nothin' more than a hooded guy with a video camera and some serious violin chops. Already it's up to over 55,000 views.

Now, is this mysterious musician actually a professional violinist, or just some shy music student who dreams of a place in a symphony. It's possible that he's just some hardcore anime addict whose parents forced him to take violin lessons when he wanted to watch Pokemon instead.

Whatever the case, the guy rocked the hell out of the Black Rock Shooter theme song.

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