Bruce Lee and Jim Kelly wore Onitsuka Tiger's

Your second, um...or fifth favorite blogger was this friggin' close to purchasing a yellow pair of Mexico 66's. The temptation to buy arose from my long having it wrongly in my big ol' head that these shoes, made by Onitsuka Tiger since the mid-1960s, were the sneakers that Bruce Lee had on his nimble feet in the film Game of Death. The shoes that Lee actually did have on added a stylish 'grounding element' to an iconic ensemble comprised of a sleek yellow and black striped bodysuit and color coordinated nunchakus.

And to anyone for whom the aforementioned imagery just happens to resonate, imagine what you'd do if you happened to see shoes like those on the feet of some anonymous soul as he perused the racks with his seeds at the comic book shop, or while he roamed the aisles at Trader Joe's with his wifey, or as he did Tai Chi exercises in the neighborhood park? You'd probably walk right over and give him a fist bump or a high five for very obviously following in the footsteps of the most badass man to ever put on a pair of yellow sneakers. Am I right?

Well, as fate would have it, I have recently come to learn––after re-watching Game of Death clips––that the shoes worn by Lee in the film were actually a different and, as yet, unknown brand, possibly of Chinese make. There is a similarity between that shoe and the Mexico 66, but the Onitsuka Tiger sneaker is a better-looking shoe.

Come to think of it, though, looking as nice and as unique as they do, a pair of yellow and black Mexico 66's would still probably trigger the Game of Death association just the same. I mean, when was the last time you saw yellow sneakers on somebody's feet? Well, other than Tarantino's Bruce Lee homage via Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, that is.

Lee, as it happens, did wear Onitsuka Tiger's during the filming of Enter the Dragon, albeit not on screen. His co-star Jim Kelly can, however, be seen wearing a pair during his "unorthodox...but effective" fighting match in the arena of the evil Mr. Han. Behind the scenes photos show both Kelly and Lee wearing the shoes while practicing fight choreography. And these images have now caused this blogger to wonder: Did one of these kick ass icons pass on a superfly fashion tip to the other, or were they both already on the same shoe game level? Were they sole mates, sole brothers?

The world may never know.

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Side note: The marketing department at Onitsuka Tiger should probably just break Mr. Paco off with several different pairs of Mexico 66's (size 13) for brainstorming on the fly a brilliant ad campaign (pictured immediately above) aimed at the Generation X demographic––and their kids. If I myself happened to see an Onitsuka Tiger parody ad like this, of the 90's Gap khaki ads, in some ├╝ber-trendy culture mag, I'd be headin' right off to Footlocker to buy some new shoes. Word is bond. LOL


[Press-N-Play®] Fu-Shnickens – Movie Scene

"My chopstick will drop kick, my chow mein's plain,  I do the tiger, the snake, the Big Daddy Crane!!"
 – Poc Fu  


Hey, kids... Come 'n' get your Kung Fu Spex!™

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Kung Fu Spex™ © 2015 South Side Superflat


[Flashback] Marvel Comics X Bathing Ape Limited Edition Sneakers!*

*Originally published on the KFG Myspace blog, circa 2005  

No matter how old you get, there will always be something that can bring out the kid in you. For example, right now the Japan-based clothing brand Bathing Ape has got me feeling like a Spider-Man Underoos-wearing 10 year old. Winter of 2005 will bring the staggered release of "Bape's" new limited-edition sneakers line Bape X Marvel, inspired by the characters that we all know-n-love from the pulse-pounding pages of Marvel comic books.

The shoes in the Bape X Marvel line are coordinated in the bright, primary color palate of our favorite characters: the patriotic red, white and blue of Captain America, the red and gold of Iron Man, and the green and purple of the Hulk, to name a few, with the Bape shooting star logo variously integrated on the side. On the right heel of each sneaker appears one of the old Marvel logos, and featured on the left heel is the classic "floating head" motif––a design staple found on the covers and inside the pages of Marvel books in the late 1960s and early '70s.

As if producing such a cool shoe line wasn't already a big enough coup, for an added measure of design genius, the sneakers from the Bape X Marvel line will come packaged on carded blister packs––the packaging type used on action figures since the days of Mego toys. The card itself is also gorgeously embellished with vintage images drawn by artists from the old school Marvel Comics bullpen like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Byrne, and many other legends.

In line with the adage that sez' that the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys, the prices on the Bape X Marvel sneakers will run in the usual $100-$300 range that Bape's limited-edition sneakers usually inhabit. But if you've been really good at being bad, then go ahead and spoil yourself with a pair of these super cool kicks. Just like the comic books that inspired them, the shoes in the Bape X Marvel line are destined to go up in value, sentimental and otherwise.


Leaked? SDCC 2015 Ultimate Spider-Man 'Shanzhai' Teaser Poster & EW Magazine Cover!

[Click to enlarge] 

Are these leaked images of SDCC Ultimate Spider-Man teasers the reason that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have so abruptly and mysteriously pulled out of pitching their tents at San Diego Comic-Con next month? St. Paco (aka Professor XXL) ain't really one to spread rumors, boys and girls, but...he's gonna offer a co-sign by spreadin' this one. [Innocent smile]


[Press-N-Play®] Dezine – My Lover

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