Hey, Marvel! You got some purty colors on them new fangled 'Avengers: Infinity War' posters

Pink, electric cyan, lavender, greens, reds, varying shades of blue and hints of still other nearly-fluorescent colors. The arrangement is, um... "virtually antithetical to the hyper-masculine colors typically associated with testosterone-driven superhero movies." Heck, it almost kinda-sorta makes you wonder how ya'll came up with such a color palette.

Naw, just kidding. It really it doesn't. [Stares in Don Cheadle] Well played, motherfuckers.

Anywho, just wanted to say beautiful work on the 22 Avengers: Infinity War posters that you dropped on the nerdiverse today. Really beautiful. I approve. (You also get middle fingers, yeah, but I approve.)

St. Paco


Opinion: Halle Berry Was Right Choice To Play Storm In ‘X-Men’ Movies [Hot Linked]

Yoooo! My new piece over on Medium goes out as a special dedication to all the Halle Berry haters–cuz y'all suck. Feel free to get abreast on how I managed to milk more out of this very passionate topic of debate amongst geeks than should have been possible by c-licking here.

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Martial Arts Movie Stars Bruce Lee And Jim Kelly Wore Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers [Hot Linked]

Onitsuka Tiger 'Gap Khaki' parody ad by STP Design

I'm going to miss seeing it in the margin atop my "Most Viewed" posts (where it's pretty much stayed since August of 2015!), but this popular lil' piece was deactivated by yours truly today. That's the bad news. 

The good news is that I've given the post a Revised-N-Remastered™ edition. I've beefed up the original version with more info and more pics and posted it all to Medium. You can check it out by clicking here.

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Paco Picks Out The 20 COOLEST 'Black Panther' Comic Book Covers For Krypton Radio!

Sometime back in November of 2017, the nice editors over at Krypton Radio extended this blogger an invitation to write for their sci-fi-centric website. And...last week I finally got around to pitchin' 'em an idea, which they were happy to accept. So, in honor of Marvel's newest box office smash, I pulled out my long boxes and clawed my way through 40 years of comics history to pick out what I deem to be the top 20 illest and flyest and dopest and – simply – coolest Black Panther comic book covers. Give it a gander on Krypton Radio's website by clicking here.