The Sweet Taste of KJAMM

There are a few J-Pop podcasts to which I'm currently subscribed. At timely and sometimes not so timely intervals each one will download automatically to my mp3 player to serve up a tasty new batch of East Asian audio treats. The best of these, averaging three episodes per month and thus being the one I enjoy the most often -- as well as simply the most -- is the very affable KJAMM podcast. Devoted to the modern music of Korea and Japan, the show is hosted by the sweet-n-sexy Sam Brown, the diva-licious Jon Black and the willing 'n' able Abe White. With each episode the trio lovingly caters to listeners a very thoughtful mix of contemporary 'jamms' that range from r&b, pop and hip-hop to electro rock, dance and even jazz (apparently just to make sure the show provides all of the essential vitamins and minerals a growing ghost in the shell needs). On top of the musical main courses, each episode also offers various side dishes of pop culture laced opinion and commentary--courtesy of the multiple-personality disorders of the show's insanely quick-witted hosts. The 26th of January brought the hardworking KJAMM crew to the show's 50th episode, a noteworthy notch on the belt of any such labor of love. If you, like I do, often find yourself famished for the newest sounds in K and J-Pop (Yeah, it's filling--but then you're hungry again twenty minutes later, right?), pour yourself a cup of jasmine tea, grab a hot buttered biscuit and spread on a honeyed heap of KJAMM. The show is available at iTunes™, PodOmatic™ and through other fine podcast providers.

St. Paco
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