[Book Report] Super #1 Robot

Super #1 Robot: Japanese Robot Toys, 1972-1982

The difference between men and boys is the age of their toys, and Tim Brisko's Super #1 Robot (Chronicle Books, 2005) showcases within its glossy pages a tantalizing taste of the candy-colored playthings that were once made for boys in Japan between 1972 and 1982.

That ten year time frame marked something of a golden age in robot toys, which were largely based on the towering titans of the animated TV shows of the day like Mazinger Z, Getter Robo, Brave Raydeen, Space Dragon Gaiking, Space Knight Tekkaman, Beast King GoLion (aka Voltron), Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Mobile Suit Gundam, and others.

Boasting more than 200 pages of gorgeous color plates by photographer Tim Brisko, a fascinating 24-page essay by toy historians Matt Alt and Robert Duban, and a touching afterward by Bullmark Toys founder Saburo Ishiuziki, Super #1 Robot is the Christmas Wish Book you never had as a kid, and a compendium of classic robot toys that no full-grown otaku should be without. – SP

 1973 - Miracle Fighting Red Baron [Super Robot Red Baron], page 38

1974 - Great Mazinger [Great Mazinger], page 49

 1975 - Getter Dragun [Getter Robo G], page 75

1975 - Grandizer [UFO Robo Grandizer], page 85

 1976 - Combattra [Super Electromagnetic Robo Combattra], page 111

 1977 - Danguard Ace [Planetary Robo Danguard Ace], page 130

 1979 - Gundam Combination Set [Mobile Suit Gundam], page 165

1981 - Future Beast GoLion [Master of a Hundred Beasts: GoLion], page 188

Today - Meka Godzilla [Toho Kaiju], page 245

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