Shogun Warriors #2: "Warriors Three"

On the final page of issue #1 of Shogun Warriors, readers are introduced to two more ginormous pilot-driven robots. Like Raydeen, they too were created by the Followers of Light to assist in the never-ending struggle against the forces of evil, and child boredom. These robots are Combatra and Danguard Ace.

When the Shogun Warriors comic book was originally released, it was almost universally assumed that these additional bots were created by Marvel Comics. Why? Because in comparison to Raydeen and others from Mattel's Shogun Warriors toy line, like Mazinger, Dragun and Gaiking, Danguard Ace and Combatra seemed, boxy, clunky and not as super fly looking.

Nonetheless, Raydeen's Marvel Comics compadres were indeed genuine (pronounced "gin-you-wine") imports from Japan's giant robot genre. In fact, during the 1970s, Chōdenji Robo Combattler V and Planet Robo Danguard Ace even had animated TV shows of their own, as well as complementary die-cast metal toys...which seemed boxy, clunky and not as super fly looking.

And so, in this, the second issue of Shogun Warriors, readers are officially introduced to these two additional robots. We also get a look at their special powers in a training exercize–like the flying rocket fist of Danguard Ace. But readers also get to learn which of the giant robots will be piloted by which of the three new recruits!

In spite of the overall tempo of issue #1 and also a pulse-pounding page which really made it look as if Ilongo Savage was going to lead the team and pilot Raydeen (see above), the powers-that-be must've sensed a serious disturbance in the force. So an "editorial decision" was made to put the dark side back in check. The way that this plays out in the story is lame, even for a comic book.

Back at Shogun Sanctuary, psychological profiles are conducted by computer in order to determine which "individual human temperament" is best suited to link with which each specific robot. Stunt driver Richard Carson (big #%&* surprise there, right?) assumes the pilot seat of Raydeen, Genji Odasu links with Combatra, and Ilongo Savage links with Danguard Ace.

With that predictable bit of typecasting out of the way, the team, after somehow also having time to get more training under their belts, heads out for a rematch with Rok-Korr. The mammoth menace has found his way back to town and has his empty head set on knocking down more bridges and buildings.

How does the team fare in their next baptism of fire? What evil simmers beneath a volcanic island in the Pacific Ocean? Who are the eternal foes of the Followers of Light? In addition to Odasu, why is there only one other woman at Shogun Sanctuary? The answers to those questions and many more are to be found within the pages of the second exciting issue of Shogun Warriors!

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