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KFG!3B: Stick & Move Special - "Pinky

Stick & Move (Extra) Special

In the fall of 2007 when KFG!3 was released with both a regular cover and a special edition "sticker mash-up" cover, I decided to limit the number of the special edition version to an ambitious 125 copies.

As cool as it sounded on paper, I don't think I believed then that I would actually have to end up making that many copies of the B-version. But right out of the gate, the editors of PEEL magazine placed an order for 40 copies for their online store.

Though 50 copies of the B-version had already been made before going public with that issue, in an instant most of them were gone. So for the next few nights after the PEEL order came in I was busy rebuilding a safe buffer zone.

While cleaning up the folders on the Mac a few nights ago, I ran across some scans that were made of some of those covers. Some really good mash-ups came from the stickers received in trade over the years. In fact, some of the covers make me wish that I had never parted with 'em.

Admittedly, by the time the edition number for the special was met I was tired of lookin' at stickers. 125 cover mash-ups proved to be something of a bitch to make, so when the last copy of KFG!3B was sold I was glad to not have to make any more.

Once they were all gone, though, something dawned on me: I probably should have saved a few more copies for myself than just the couple I had put aside for posterity.

From a graphic design perspective I love the regular cover, and was glad to be finally filling orders with that easier-to-make version. To compensate for the difference, I would usually just toss in a small batch of stickers to orders for the third issue.

A few times, though, thinking that some folks who placed orders for KFG!3 would probably like to have the mash-up version, I pulled out the sticker collection and just made up half a dozen more. (Which means there's actually more than 150 copies of the B-version out there!)

Last year some cool stickers came in from Sinned-NYC, Biafra, Julius, SKAM and other guys, so I decided last week to make up a dozen more mash-up covers. A few were also made just to keep in my personal collection; they could end up being part of an exhibit someday.

KFG!3B: Stick & Move Special - "Brownie"

KFG!3B: Stick & Move Special - "Goldie"

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