[Destroy All Headphones®] KFG5 Mixtape: Thirty Fingers of Death

This soundtrack was a mini-collaboration between myself and DJ Mane One for his long-running 30 Minute Mix blog. I supplied the cover and concept, and Mane provided a killer mix that he describes as "kung fu music put to funk." I call it thirty minutes of ass-kicking wax-ploitation, complete with outta' sight Jim Kelly sound bites. Yeah, this mix is so funky that at one point the needle actually skips due to a serious case of funk overload–or a dirty record. Take your pick, 'cause either way it's the result of some f-u-n-k.

Many thanx to Grand Imperial DJ Mane One for a super bad mix that makes me wanna jump back and kiss myself. And to Stormko (for his valued 2¢).

Get down.

St. Paco

• • • •

01. Theme to Blackbelt Jones - Dennis Coffey
02. Aragon - Roy Ayers
03. Enter The Dragon Theme - Lalo Schifrin
04. Si Me Ves Volar - Los Tios Queridos
05. Causeway - De Wolfe Music Librarie
06. Mystery Track
07. Mystery Track
08. Cookies - Brother Soul
09. Shaft In Africa - Johnny Pate
10. You Can't Even Walk To The Park - Johnny Pate
11. Brother On The Run - Johnny Pate
12. Alive and Well - Barry White
13. Jadoo - Passport
14. Mountain Mocha - Yellow Soul Force
15. God Put A Smile On Your Face - Mark Ronson
16. Funky Fanfare - Keith Mansfield

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