Peeled, Pasted & Posted, Nov 26th - Dec 20th

Thirty Fingers of Death (Vinyl Killah Remix)
Digital Mash-Up Sticker on 12" Vinyl
St. Paco, 2011

If you're in San Jose (or within drivin' distance), you are cordially invited to the Peeled, Pasted & Posted sticker and street art show at the Gift 2 Gab Gallery. This is an event dedicated specifically to the adhesive arts, featuring works by more than 100 bombers, slap-taggers and street artists from across the globe. And, as you can see from the photo posted above, the mighty St. Paco will also have a piece hanging amongst the gallery's senses-shattering offerings. In addition to some fantastic art, you can bet that there will also be massive amounts of stickers on hand for trading (including some of my own), so do remember to bring along your black book...as well as your checkbook.

Peeled, Pasted & Posted
A Sticky Situations Art Show
Opening Reception – November 25th, 6PM to Midnight
Show Runs from November 26th – December 20th

Gift 2 Gab Gallery
190 Martha St. Studio D
San Jose, CA 95112

For more information, check out Gift 2 Gab wall on Facebook.


stormko said...

Make scratch pads.

St. Paco said...

I had the same thought...