You Can't Hack the Gee Wiz Tactics

Gee Wiz – The Wu-Fanatic
While the beat-makers of hip-hop have made quite a distinct mark on the music listeners of the past two decades, I don't know of anyone who has inspired more actual music-making disciples than RZA of the Wu-Tang clan. And it would appear that this kid called Gee Wiz, the self-proclaimed "Wu-Fanatic," may well be the sharpest dagger in the velvet sash of RZA beat emulators. I got hipped to this radiant jewel by way of those funk monks at Word Is Bond and simply had to share it. This collection of Wu-inspired instrumentals is so dead-on musically that the "Abbot" had better be protectin' his own neck, 'cause Gee Wiz is one student who seems to not only have studied the soulful styles of the 36 Chambers, but mastered them too.

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