Rock Steady #3: Shaolin Breakbeats!!!

Kung Fu Grip! zine, in association with the TROY blog, brings you Mr. Wiggles' classic Rock Steady Mixtape #3: Shaolin Breakbeats. That's right, b-boys and b-girls, this vintage cassette has been digitized and donated to the web for your listening pleasure by the dynamic duo of dirt_dog and St. Paco. So download this baby pronto and prepare yourself for nearly one hour of old school martial-arts-marinated music, bad English dubbing, fight sound effects, and the ill mic skills of Mr. Wiggles and Ken Swift of the legendary Rock Steady Crew.

Mr. Wiggles – Rock Steady #3: Shaolin Breakbeats (1996)

Who loves ya, baby?

St. Paco, that's who.


dirt_dog said...

Another great success!

St. Paco said...

"I know you are, but what am I?"

– PeeWee Herman

Kung Fu said...

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