Who's the fairest con of all?

Fair San Diego Comicon,

Tis' a shame how long it hath been since I last saw thee.

Ahhhh, twas' a time once when my heroic heart gazed out merrily o'er the rainbow bridge with much longing for my summer sojourn hither! But nay, fair maiden! No more doth mine eyes look upon thee. Nay, nay, I say!

Alas, tis' that those formidable giants of Tinsel Town hath made thy pearly doors near impossible for e'en this thunder god to breach. And in the vast span of days that hath passed since I looked upon thee last, methinks thy place in mine heart hath been filled.

Aye, 'tis indeed another Comicon that has gratefully received my summer sojourn. And though she be not as fair as thee, she is fair enough that I am pleased. In every way she is a Phoenix arching over the smoldering ashes of a desire that I, like a fool, believed could ne'er burn for any but thee!

What a fool thou hadst made of me, temptress.

And lo, seated there at her well-attended tables this year were none-other than Sir Patrick of Stewart, Lavar of Burton, Will of Wheton, Mirina of Sirtis, Michael of Dorn, Brent of Spiner, William of Shatner, Edward of Asner, Louis of Ferrigno and many more that I ne're would hath expected to cast mine eyes upon.

How is it that she accomplished such a heroic feat...lest it be a mere bewitching trick? Nay, I trust it to have been only a portent of the greatness that is to yet to come from her. And by my hammer, it doth make my heart swell. Zounds! By my hammer, it does!

Aye, and as I once did ere long for thee, San Diego Comicon, I look now forward with an eager heart to what the fair Phoenix Comicon mayhap prepareth for me and mine in the years that are to come. Aye, indeed.

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