They drank Sprite and then formed like...

Although it was originally Method Man and the Wu-Tang Clan who coined the phrase "We form like Voltron," it was a different mix of hip-hop artists who starred in a series of Voltron inspired Sprite commercials in 1998. Today, we can only daydream how those TV spots might have looked – and sounded – if the RZA, Meth, Raekwon and the rest had been placed behind the controllers of Voltron's black, red, green, blue and yellow lions. Instead, but much to their credit, the marketing heads at Sprite assembled a crew of hip-hop artists who represented the East Coast (Afrika Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay, Fat Joe), West Coast (Mack 10), Northern (Common) and Southern states (Goodie Mob). The beats and rhymes were appropriately bubbly, and the campaign showed a sparkling effort by an advertiser to sample the mouth-watering flavors that can result when American hip-hop gets blended with a Japanese giant robot.

Submitted for your approval...the Sprite "Voltron" commercials.

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