Crisis in Electric Ladyland Revisited

In the satirical essay "Crisis in Electric Ladyland", I wrote about how in the past three-plus decades, super-hero characters of African heritage have been disproportionately given powers and/or names related to electricity. At the time there were as many as ten such characters in comics and cartoons. Only one, though, was a Marvel Comics creation (Storm), and she was the very first of the  type. The other nine (ten, actually) repetitious character types were all linked to the DC universe.*

So, in light of Marvel's track record, I find myself giving them a pass on Jaime Foxx's Electro in next summer's Amazing Spider-Man 2. This even though it will add yet another of this repetitive character type to an ignoble list. [Grimaces] Sure, it would be great to not be adding a 12th such character to the list at all (The Golden Blaze from the DC Comics-related Warner Bros. Entertainment was the 11th). But in fairness to Marvel, I have to give them the nod.

Even more bothersome, I find myself now interested in seeing Amazing Spider-Man 2. Prior to Foxx's casting, I hadn't a smidgeon of interest in the Spider-Man relaunch--because I love the Maguire Spider-Man movies. (Well, the first two. The last one wuzza' let down.) As for the SM relaunch, I have not seen the first one and won't trouble myself to rent it in the meanwhile. But when its sequel does comes out...on DVD, I'll check it out just to see the villain.

[Kicks rocks]

*The Marvel super-villain Thunderbolt was not included in the list on a technicality: his actual powers aren't related to electricity.

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