[Book Report] Schoolgirl Milky Crisis is a lot more serious than it looks

Don't be fooled by the nonsensical-looking title or by the sugary sweet image of a sailor suit-clad schoolgirl wearing a moo-cow headdress and a... mechanized udder. Johnathan Clement's Schoolgirl Milky Crisis (2009) is actually serious business. Or as serious as a 400-page collection of writings on the multimillion dollar businesses of Japanese animation, manga, and giant monster flicks can be.

From the pastel-colored front cover to the pastel-colored back cover, Clements fills the pages of Schoolgirl Milky Crisis with informative glimpses into the overlapping realms of Asian popular entertainment that most fans from the West will only get to dream about. From the pampered life of an anime voice actress to the anime industry-crushing ambitions of a film studio owner from China, to the surprising censorship-related reasons why "tentacles" became so prevalent in anime erotica, to several thought-provoking conversations with some of today's best-known makers of animation in Japan, Clements covers three continent's worth of fascinating territory. The writing is well-informed, engaging and immensely educational. But that should probably be expected from the very same author that gave fandom the Anime Encyclopedia, right? Highly recommended.

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