Are There Black Chinese? Enquiring Minds Wanna Know

Girl from the 'Pacified South'

Among the countless inquiries often provoked by this still strange and wondrous world (right up there with Do UFOs exist?, Who drank the last of the milk?, and Honey, do I look fat in these jeans?), the question of whether black Chinese people exist seems to be one of the most enduring.

The circumstances that have given birth to this question are many, not the least of them maybe having much to do with the unexpected appearance of the half-black and half-Thai sports phenomenon Tiger Woods on golf courses and Nike commercials some two decades ago.

Unsatisfied with the attempts made by others to offer a definitive answer to this question, this researcher has tossed his own hat into the ring. The surprising answer  — an 11 minute read complete with 14 pulse-pounding photos  — can be read over on Medium by clicking here.

Press play on your favorite Wu-Tang album and give it a look.

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