Opinion: Halle Berry Was Right Choice To Play Storm In ‘X-Men’ Movies [Hot Linked]

Yoooo! My new piece over on Medium goes out as a special dedication to all the Halle Berry haters–cuz y'all suck. Feel free to get abreast on how I managed to milk more out of this very passionate topic of debate amongst geeks than should have been possible by (c)licking here.

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darrell d said...

Them's fighting words homeboy. You lucky I "ain't" got my brass knuckles on me right now. NO ONE is better than Angela Basset, no one. I will say you made some strong points, .......from a "Hollywood" point of view. You need to recognize that Angela fits the "comic book" version of Storm which is why she would have made the perfect "movie" storm. And you failed to mention how Angela is a real black woman while Halle is more of the white man's "acceptable" version of a black woman. Should I continue?

St. Paco said...


After school, homeboy. 3 o'clock in the sandbox.

I'll bring one of the leftover knuckle sandwiches that I was serving to the Halle Berry haters during my lunch break.

darrell d said...

That's what's up. Bring Halle cause I'm bringin Angela and we're gonna whip you AND take your coat while Halle runs away. Dig that.

St. Paco said...