Afrodisiac "Tres"

Last week I blogged about being asked to write the forward to my buddy Damon's upcoming book Afrodisiac. I said that I was gonna start penning some thoughts within a day or two of that post, but inspiration struck about an hour later and I actually wrote it before going to bed that night/morning.

The next day, after Damon read what I'd written he dropped me a line to thank me, and also sent a pdf file of the page layouts. Looking at the pages, I couldn't believe my eyes. Afrodisiac was everything I thought it would be, but 100-times better. I was glad that, without even having seen those pages, I managed to come up with something that spoke to the heart of the project.

Yesterday, Damon dropped me another line to say that the book is being sent to the printer later this week. I'm immensely happy for him, and doubly honored to have had the chance to be a part of his project; in addition to my forward, the first issue of KFG! zine makes a surprising appearance on a few different pages in the book. (Right on!)

The forward that I wrote is posted below. I'll blog more about the amazing Afrodisiac again when the hard copies are available.

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