Afrodisiac "Uno"

About two months ago I blogged about my friend, photographer Damon Daood, who surprised me with a photo in my inbox of one of his models sitting in the laundromat, reading the copy of KFG! that I sent him back when it first came out. True to my word in that post, I sent him another copy of that particular issue (so that he has a fresh one), as well as a copy of the new zine.

A few days after sending off that envelope I got a box in the mail from Damon containing an assortment of beautiful photographs like the one shown above. Some of the images are going to be featured in Damon's upcoming book called "Afrodisiac," which should be going to print in a few weeks. A gallery showing of some of the images is also supposed to take place in San Antonio, where he lives.

Damon has asked me to write the forward to his book. He actually asked me a few weeks ago, but I didn't think he was really serious until I got the box of photographs in the mail. I know that there are lots of creative folks around Damon who know both him and his work better than I, but he asked me and I'm honored to have the chance to write something for him.

Earlier today, after taking a well-deserved break from the "Metal Messiahs" article, I tapped out a few paragraphs that I will tweak over the next day or two before sending it off. He pretty much told me to write whatever I wanted, which was almost as daunting as if he'd given me strict parameters. But I think that what I came up with speaks to the very heart of what "Afrodisiac" is about.

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