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Octopussy #1

Subtitled "Ooh, Baby I Like It Raw," this guy is horny. Paco also publishes Kung Fu Grip!, but in his own words: "This zine was just WAY too sexy to be limited to a regular issue of KFG!, so it got its very own title." Contained within are 18 haiku poems to strippers in Arizona and Mexico, some "nasty" graffiti, and features on the Belgian art collective known as Cum, the 18th century master Katsushika Hokusai and India's 'Kama Sutra Temple.' 54 captivating pages with lots of sexy artwork and images throughout. – Kris Mininger

Octopussy #1
From the fellow who brings you the wonderful Kung Fu Grip comes this special issue! While Octopussy is more sexual in its focus, it's similar to its parent publication: a combination of Paco's personal stories and observations with a lot of pictures and text devoted to his love of art.

One of the qualities that makes KFG so interesting is that Paco frequently juxtaposes deep interest in what outside observers might describe as both "high" and "low" art, and he makes no cultural or stylistic distinctions between them. If a work of art inspires him, Paco celebrates it, whether its found in a museum or on a viaduct. Octopussy is no different in that respect; a series of haiku, written by Paco and all about strippers, is followed by a gallery of street art photographs, then an essay about Cum (a highly sexual street art collective), then a celebration of the works of the 18th century Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

The stories in Octopussy differ from Kung Fu Grip in that they're concerned with sex and octopi, but this zine is more of the same high-quality stuff. Personal stories and varied street art are highlighted by some surprising artistic interests, and it all makes for a fine reading experience. – Matt Fagan

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