DJ Mane One – The Thirty Minute Mix #79

I don't know where my head has been. Somehow I've failed to blog about a series of mixes that my homeboy Mane One has been posting to his blog for the past...79 weeks? I mean, there's 52 weeks in a year, so that tells you how long this has been going down, and how remiss I've been.

Mane is a pretty well-known DJ out of San Diego who hosts an internet radio show, but also teaches, macks fly honeys and occasionally makes beats, raps and rocks graffiti. What a pimp. And each of the mixes he makes each week showcases his vast audio catalog and deep love of music.

Whenever I download Mane's newest mix, I never even bother to look at the playlist to see what it will contain. This guy is the kind of DJ that you can just trust behind the wheels of steel, so I just sit back, let the music take over and enjoy the ride.

The cover that you see above represents my most recent artistic contribution to the expanding world of The 30 Minute Mix. A bunch of Manny's friends are really dope artists, so somewhere around #59 we started taking turns making covers. I did my first one back in December, and signed up to make two more in February and March.

Dope as it was, it didn't even occur to me to blog about the first cover I did for what became a RUN-D.M.C. tribute mix. But the second cover will get blogged about when my next zine comes out. A good buddy of ours suggested that it be used to promote the release of KFG5 and Mane promptly gave his blessing. It's gonna be super bad, just chu wait and see.

Anyway, if you like (mostly) hip-hop and old school R&B, with periodic play lists offering samplings of everything from jazz, big band and swing, to funk, rock and electronica, please subscribe to Mane's blog feed. You will not be disappointed. He only keeps the mixes up for about a week at a time, though, so don't sleep.

And now, without any further ado, I bring you The Thirty Minute Mix #79, which is dedicated to the queens of hip hop, because – just like the flyer sez' – ladies love Mane One.

So sayeth...

St. Paco

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