Big in Argentina

I mentioned some weeks back that I was interviewed by Dadá Mini, a visual arts magazine based in Argentina. When I agreed to the interview, I was under the impression that it was a web-zine. I realized shortly after, though, that it's actually a full-on print mag. The picture of the kid reading a previous issue is one that I found on Flickr. (He might even be the kid from the cover.)

The interview seemed to go really well, but I wasn't completely sure that they were gonna use it; this due more to cautious optimism on my end than anything gleaned from theirs. But a few minutes ago it occurred to me to pop over to web site to see what I could see. My interview is actually the first feature, appearing in the Lado D — Diseño (Side D – Design) section.

The sub-heading is: "A street fighter stalks the photocopiers." I could be a little off on the translation, but that feels about right.

Obviously, I'm now kinda' anxious to see the printed piece. I'll give it a few more weeks, though, before I start bugging Cocó Muro, who conducted the interview. I was under the impression from reading her last e-mail that I would get a copy of the mag at some point. I'm not gonna start gettin' all impacienté now that I know that the piece was printed.


MJA said...

word! that's cool.

St. Paco said...

Thanks, bro. I still haven't seen it, but will, of course, blog about it when I do.