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The Revenge of Print

In early January I learned that Baltimore's Atomic Books and Quimby's Books in Chicago had sent out a sort of call-to-arms to anyone who has ever produced a self-published zine, mini-comic, or full-sized comic book. The stores were encouraging bookmakers to turn out at least one new publication in 2011. Quimby's Liz Mason was quoted in the most recent issue of Zine World as saying: "We're tired of all the end of paper, the end of publishing as we know it stories. We've been hearing it ever since we've been open, which is going on almost 20 years now."

The morning that I learned about the project's launch, I signed up to follow the group that had been set up for it on Facebook. I wasn't alone. By the end of the month, more than 800 people had also joined up, and more than 200 of those responders pledged to produce at least one new publication in 2011. I had already been planning on doing two issues of Kung Fu Grip! this year, so the Revenge of Print announcement just added a half gallon of over-priced petrol to the fire.

Since joining up, I've managed to produce both the free 28-page issue of Kung Fu Grip! that I wanted (KFG4), and also the 56-page standard issue (KFG5). In addition, when the latter was finished I went a ahead and scanned the Revenge of Print badge that somebody had created, and placed it on the cover. I don't know if the badge's maker planned for it to be used in this manner, but it seemed like a good way to show solidarity with the other small press publishers that are actively participating in this campaign.

The Revenge of Print badge that I'm using was reduced from its original size to three-quarters of an inch, which is the smallest I could make it without loosing image integrity. I have uploaded that photoshop file (150 dpi) and also added two additional sizes for others who might also want to feature the badge on their comics and zines. A zip file with everything can be downloaded here. To get more information about The Revenge of Print, click here to go to the Facebook page.

– St. Paco, Kung Fu Grip!

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