The Blackest Terror #1

Remember that scene in the movie Chasing Amy where the leather-clad black militant comic book creator whips out a fake pistol while he's on the stage at a comic book convention? And remember how he fires a blank round at a heckling audience member (his buddy Banksy), and then continues to fire off a few more rounds to the cackle-inducing call of "Black rage! Black rage!" Well, the debut issue of The Blackest Terror is a lot like that scene–except that when this guy's gat goes off, somebody catches a bad one.

Written by Eric M. Equivel and illustrated by Ander Sarabia, The Blackest Terror is a cool-looking book that I mostly just spotted on the rack at the local comic book shop some weeks ago. Unfortunately, that particular copy was the very last one on the rack and had been so manhandled by curious customers that I wasn't gonna fork over my hard-earned ducats for something that looked like sloppy seconds, or worse.

To my fanboy surprise, when I stopped in to visit the shop again yesterday there was a dozen or so new copies of The Blackest Terror on the rack. Right on. I promptly added one of the minty fresh copies to the short stack that I was carrying and made way for the cash register. When I got back to the lab, The Blackest Terror was the first book that I pulled from the pile.

Now, since I'm not one for spoilers you're just gonna have to do what I did and judge this handsome book by its cover: It's called The Blackest Terror, for Pete's sake, and boasts a mask-wearing brotha' with a skull and crossbones on his chest, passin' out knuckle sandwiches and free-toes at a Klu Klux Klan rally. (Well, I will actually say there aren't any Klansmen in the story, but do not let that keep you away from this righteously written and illustrated comic book.

Verdict: The Blackest Terror's kung fu does NOT suck.

St. Paco
Kung Fu Grip! zine

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