Beat Fighter II – Finister vs. Sinatra (Bang Bang)

The most unexpected song to ooze into my ears within the last few years was Phlo Finister's twenty-eleven cover of Cher's 1966 hit "Bang Bang." Written by singer-songwriter Sonny Bono, "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" was the second single from his then-wife's second studio album The Sonny Side of Cher. That same year, a cover was famously recorded by Nancy Sinatra for her own 1966 album How Does That Grab You?. The song was also covered twice more that year by artists Stevie Wonder and Petula Clark -- and many more times after, by artists ranging from Vanilla Fudge in 1967, Terry Reid in 1968, Frank Sinatra in 1981, and Cher again in 1987. Still, despite being one of the biggest hits for Cher, it was Nancy's haunting guitar accompanied version that has been popularized in the modern age via its fitting onscreen placement in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. The Los Angeles-based R&B singer Phlo Finister does justice to "Bang Bang's" 4-decade-plus legacy by giving it a decidedly hip-hop-soul flavor for 21st century listeners. All of the really cool kids will prolly have Phlo's version and at least one of the older versions in their mp3 library.

[Press-N-Play®] Bang Bang – Nancy Sinatra
[Press-N-Play®] Bang Bang – Phlo Finister

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