Now YOU can learn the secrets of Ninjutsu

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That's right, kids!

NOW YOU CAN LEARN the secret powers of the deadliest killers in the Orient.

NOW YOU CAN LEARN the simple but lethal techniques of NINJUTSU, which has been the most closely guarded of all Oriental Martial Arts!

NOW YOU CAN LEARN skills which were passed down from father to son in NINJA families who lived in remote parts of ancient Japan.

NOW YOU CAN LEARN secret techniques which were once so closely guarded that the penalty for revealing them was a gruesome death!

AND NOW, regardless of your size, strength or build, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from ANY ATTACKER under ANY CONDITIONS -- even while sleeping! That's right, kids, even while sleeping!

Through NINJUTSU you will learn to utilize and draw on the enormous physio-mental powers which now lie dormant in your own body. THE SECRETS OF NINJUTSU will show you how to take advantage of the fundamental laws of natural movements, and the all important time-lag factor, which are instrumental to the art of disappearing!


We're sure that you will be completely satisfied by THE SECRETS OF NINJUTSU. This manual will give you the knowledge to defend yourself and your loved ones -- and a sense of self assurance you've never had before. If dissatisfied, return it within thirty days for a refund of purchase price with no question asked.

Sorry, no C.O.D.'S

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