Moonshine Burrito – The sweetest hangover

Remember those old candy commercials where the one klutz snacking on peanut butter always somehow managed to crash into the other klutz munching on a chocolate bar? And remember the happy expressions on their faces when each bit down to discover the new taste that came from the blending of those two very different flavors? Well, now picture a rap song with country music guitar licks mixed with a slow, pimp struttin’ hip-hop beat. On the surface that mixture sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? But, like peanut butter cups, it somehow works! And when laced with rhymes by Moonshine Burrito -- and a funky Kenny Rogers sample -- the end result is a full-fledged sugar rush. The guitar-twanging...banger in question, "Roads Are Rough (Holdin' Up)", is featured on South By Southwest, the new ten-track album from SpaceLAB Recordings label mates Jake Palumbo and Ciphurphace. Together these longtime pals combine to form Moonshine Burrito and, as the name probably suggests, the music made by this dynamic duo is all about unholy unions and unlikely combinations. For a finger-lickin’ taste test of South By Southwest, sample "Roads Are Rough (Holdin' Up)" and "Diesel (Feelin' Lovely)" for free-ninety-nine by clicking on the links below. And be sure to drop by iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay or Bandcamp to get a full serving of South By Southwest. Woo-hah! – SP

Moonshine Burrito – Diesel (Feelin' Lovely)
Moonshine Burrito – Roads Are Rough (Holdin' Up)

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