[Press-N-Play®] Dezine feat. Jah Boy – Perfect

In the exact words of the ganja blazin' rasta who sent me this hot lil' numba: "Dis track is str8 fiyah! Rock steady reggae muzik specially *dezined* in da Solomon Islands to bless up de dance floorz worldwide, Ras! A worldwide rocker, dis one!! Worldwide!!!"
– Ganja Blazin' Rasta

You read it here, folks. A worldwide rocker, dis one. So make sure to have a subwoofer or a pair of high-quality headphones jacked into your laptop when ya press the play button. Because Dezine's "Perfect" (feat. Jah Boy) is one bass-heavy lovers rock 'riddem' that must be listened to properly to really appreciate it for the sweet reggae groove dat it is. Meh been playin' dis track to death since meh got it, mon. To. Death.

Shout outs to all mah peeps in the Solomon Islands!

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