Back in Black – Burger King Japan's Kuro Burger

On September 19th, to celebrate the burger chain's 5th-year anniversary in the land of the rising sun, Burger King Japan is bringing back its very, very, very surprising-looking Kuro Burger (literally "Black Burger"), for a very limited time.

First introduced in 2012, and then offered again to much acclaim in 2013, the Kuro Burger features a black pepper and paprika-seasoned beef patty on a bamboo charcoal blackened bun. The patty is topped with an onion and garlic sauce, blackened with squid ink, and a tasty slice of – hold on to your underoos, kids – charcoal blackened cheese!

BK Japan offers two varieties of the sandwich: the simple meat-n-cheese Kuro Pearl, and the deluxe Kuro Diamond, a mouthwatering 'whopper' of a burger with all the fixings. The menu price for the sandwich all by its lonesome will be ¥450 (about $5.75), or ¥790 (about $10.10) in a combo meal with fries and BK Japan's exclusive Kuro Coke Zero (or other preferred soft drink).

How do the Japanese say..."Have it your way?"

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