Last night I did some much needed math. I finally went ahead and calculated the total amount earned sellin' my zines through the online outlets that I've used over the past three years (Ebay, Etsy and Big Cartel).

Since 2007, four hundred and twenty eight of my zines have been purchased online, generating a not-so-whopping total of $1969.57 in sales. (I should mention that this amount and the title of this blog are purely coincidental.)

Now, over the course of three years, that's not a lot of money. Most of it went right back into buying supplies and makin' more zines. But it's something. And it's something that I'm a little proud of.

Combined with the copies that I have sold offline, and the review copies that I've given away, I have managed to get more than 500 of my publications into the hands of the people who've ordered them. Cool cats & kittens from across the United States, as well as Mexico, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Estonia.

I wasn't sure when I would hit the 500 mark, but it finally happened sometime last year. And that is a milestone that I'm really proud of.

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