Since 2006?

According to my profile, this lil' Blogger account was created back in the Spring of 2006. And yet, amazingly, despite a fairly established presence elsewhere on what George Bush often referred to as the "Internets" (Western twang required), I have virtually nothing to show for this now nearly 4-year-old account.

That, true-believer, is about to change.

Yes, coming soon to this not-so-new, but greatly improved blog is a...plethora of new postings, many of which will feature things that are currenty in development at the KFG Mountain Monastery. I have lots of new D-I-Y items on the horizon, including 1" button sets and a new zine or two.

In the immediate days to come, there's also gonna be a blurb about an article I wrote which will soon be featured in one of my favorite publications. (As soon as I have the details, true-believer, you too will have 'em.)

Yes siree, 2010 is the year of the blog! Well, this neglected blog anyway. So please keep an eye out for much more than what was posted in the past [cough] threeyearsandninemonths [cough].

And hey, considerin' my previous track record, with just one single post it already feels like I'm about...two-thousand and six steps ahead of the game.

St. Paco
Kung Fu Grip! Zine

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