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Anno Domini Gallery / Art of Zines 2010

Six years ago, while still workin' on the final pages of the first issue of Kung Fu Grip!, I read somewhere online that the Anno Domini Gallery of San Jose was going to be hosting its 4th annual Art of Zines exhibition. The show, hosted by the San Jose Museum of Art that year, was brilliantly scheduled to run in concurrence with a solo exhibition of works by internationally acclaimed artist Yoshitomo Nara.

Quite needless to say, the very thought of having my fledgling publication included in such an exhibit was pretty thrilling. But that dream would begin to fade rather quickly when I realized that -- even with just a handful of pages to go -- I could not finish the zine in time enough to meet an exhibition deadline that was just a few days away.

When Kung Fu Grip! #1 was completed a week or so later, I was immensely pleased with the end result. I was also happy that I hadn't chosen to rush through the final pages in order to meet that deadline. But it never did stop gnawing at me that I missed the chance to have my zine included in what would end up being Anno Domini's last zine exhibition.

That is...until now.

In 2010, after a fairly long hiatus, the Art of Zines exhibition is back at Anno Domini. I am proud to be participating in this event. My sincerest thanks goes out to gallery co-owner Cherri Lakey for the invitation. (Maybe now a much-needed sense of healing for missing Art of Zines 04 can finally begin.)

The Art of Zines runs through March 13 at Anno Domini Gallery, 150 S. Montgomery St., Unit B, San Jose, CA. For more information visit www.galleryad.com

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