The Deadly Art of Black Dynamite

On August 8th (next Monday), the pilot for Cartoon Network's Black Dynamite will air during the network's Adult Swim. To mark this righteous occasion, I've whipped together a lil' gallery of some of the super bad BD-related imagery that I've seen during my various trips down the rough-and-tumble back streets and alleyways of the internet.

Submitted for your perusal, the deadly art of...

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David Choe

Dustin D'Arnault

Dan Barrett (WonderDookie)

"Black Dynamite vs. Sugar Hill" by Armando Zanker

Jeremy Wheeler

Jun Lofamia

"Black Dynamite Machete" by Elvin Hernandez

Unfortunately, the actual show doesn't begin airing until Spring of 2012. Based on what can be gleaned from the teaser trailer, though (uh...you have seen the teaser trailer, right?), Cartoon Network will be rewarding Black Dynamite fans handsomely for their patience.

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