A Shanghai Surprise!

It seems that I blogged a little too prematurely. The magazine that came in the mail today hadn't even been opened when the previous piece was quickly tapped out. Lurkin' within those innocent-lookin' pages was a skillfully orchestrated Shanghai surprise. Check out the rest!

Page 9

Page 11

Page 13

Page 15

Page 17

Page 19

Art sheet by the Grand Imperial DJ Mane One stuck between pages 26 & 27

Art sheet by Storm (pencils) & Drah (inks) stuck between pages 36 & 37

Art sheet by Drah stuck between pages 44 & 45

Page 52

Stuck between pages 76 & 77

Artists' tags on page 80

Oh...my...Godzilla. I was laughin' my @s$ off at every new surprise. My only wish is that I had been having a really bad day when I pulled this monster outta the mailbox, because it would have lifted me out of the dumps. Crazy shout outs to my homeboys Stormko, Mane One and Drah! You ninjas got me good. Many thanks, muchas gracias & domo arigato!!!!!!!!

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