Rock Steady Break Beats (Blog Remix)

I wrote the preceding post a few weeks ago, and actually did put the Rock Steady Break Beats cassettes up on Ebay. For, perhaps, pretty obvious reasons, Vol. 3 (Shaolin Break Beats) was my favorite of the tapes, and the one that I least wanted to part with.

It was actually the first one that I bought, too.

Well, I put all four of 'em up and only three of 'em sold. The one I liked most is the one that is still in my possession. I'll take it as a sign that I should keep it. Haha.

Best of all, though, the first tape ended up in the hands of a new homeboy in Germany. This guy had been looking for Rock Steady Break Beats Vol. 1 for 15 years! And it was indeed 15 years ago (1996) when I bought my copy. Anyway, here's a note from Sahin and a photo:

Hello Paco...

You cannot imagine how I am delighted with this mixtape !!! For me this tape means very much, because it was the beginning of my breakdancing time. After 15 years, I finally have it and I'm very happy about it. Thank you.

– Sahin

Sahin and his hip-hop Holy Grail

Perhaps even better than bragging rights, I think that the other cool thing about collecting is getting the chance to pass somethin' along to someone who values it even more than you do.

Rock. Steady.

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darrell d. said...

damn dude! i would have bought all of these! d.