Archive #6: The Sure Shot Flyer Rockers

When I moved to AZ in the mid-1990s, I met and became fast friends with the crew behind Tempe's now gone, but legendary Style Rock Hip Hop Shop. From Kangol brims, vintage Adidas Run-DMC jerseys and suede Puma Clydes, to b-boy breaking videos, spray tips, fat laces and graffiti mags, the Style Rock Shop had it all– and had it in spades.

To promote the shop, a weekly series of handbills were made by Style Rock staffers Storm (aka Weapon X) and RobGoblen. The dynamic duo rocked these flyers under the collective moniker of Sure Shot Flyer Rockers, a name that – for folks like myself – recalled the freshness of New York's "sure shot" flyer rocking king Phase 2.

Some time back, Storm gave me a rough idea of how many of these flyers had been made over the span of a few years, but I can't recall that number now. I only collected nine of 'em, which isn't at all being said as a lament; until today I didn't recall having any at all. And even a small collection of these flyers gives a nice snapshot of a very cool time in Phoenix-metro area hip-hop.

Submitted for your perusal: the Style Rock Shop flyers.

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