A Personal Touch

Anime Insider ("Used & Abused" variant cover)

Only because I made it to the Phoenix-con this past May am I not crushed that – like hundreds of others – I didn't get a pass to attend the con in San Diego. One of my homeboys somehow scored a pass, and I considered asking him if he could send me one of the complimentary souvenir books. I didn't feel like being a bother, though, and let him go in peace.

Opening up the mailbox today, I was surprised to find an over-sized envelope from San Diego inside. Even without my asking, my homeboy still sent me a copy of the souvenir book. Best of all, he also included a mildly beat up copy of Anime Insider from 2009, which featured a cover story on Afro Samurai: Resurrection.

Written on the cover in white, gold and black paint marker is "Used & Abused #1." Admittedly, I chuckle every time I look at it. But I also find it amazing how a personal touch like that can turn a beat up magazine into something I'll treasure for days and maybe even years to come.

Thank you, Arashi.

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