[MP3] Invisible Enigma - Supreme Shogun

"Now if any of you sons of @#&$% got anything else to say..."

Hardeep, my ninja over at Word is Bond, sent me a new track that he got in the mail from Invisible Enigma, a young MC outta Nigeria. Quite on the money, 'Deep assumed that it would be the kinda track that I would dig and I am indeed diggin' it. As a matter of fact, "Supreme Shogun" makes me wanna grab my katana off the wall, slip on my gold and black Onitsuka Tiger sneakers and kick in the door of a rival crime family. So, um... while I go get busy right quick, check out the free debut single from Enigma's upcoming mixtape, Desultory.

So sayeth...

St. Paco


Anonymous said...

For a Nigerian MC,he's dope yo!!! Damn..where my Katana @??!!

St. Paco said...

Yup, yup.