Jamille Records rocks the radio!

Jamille Records is a small independent label that specializes in limited edition 7" vinyl. The label was founded by my homeboy Darrell D to pay homage to the hip-hop music that was coming out of his beloved hometown of Milwaukee in the '80s and '90s. Two weeks ago, the Jamille label was given a 30-minute dedication set on Minnesota Public Radio's Redefinition Hour. Listeners of the show got a nice audio Polaroid of the fresh music that was being made in the beer capital of the world back in the day. The show starts off with a classic track by the Ill Chief Rockers ("I Got A Rock And I'm Gonna Hit You With It"), and continues with a great set of not only music, but really interesting Milwaukee hip-hop history. If you want to get a serious taste of some old school Midwestern flavor, just lick your chops and head over to Redefinition Radio by clicking here.

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darrell d. said...

thanks for the love paco!