Five hundred + hit combo!

A puny 98-pound weakling could have knocked me over with a pink feather boa when I figured out that the "Shaolin Break Dancing" post from a few months back had generated over 500 page views. Some of these YKFS postings are lucky to even break fifty (not really), but that piece generated hits like a Street Fighter™ combo on crack.

Even more remarkably, though, a few other postings generated well over 700 and 800 hits. Sha-zam!

The reason that this merits mention is 'cuz I told a buddy some months back that it was cool (for me) just knowin' that there are a couple dozen YKFS readers. Now, though, havin' seen the actual number of page views that some of these pulse-pounding postings have generated, I'm getting inspired with the desire to touch even more eyeballs.

As beautiful fate would have it, it was just over a year ago that I blogged about how if it nailed down, I'd be bringin' it – whatever it might happen to be – to Your Kung Fu Sucks. Gauging by the page views earned by some of these posts since then, methinks this lil' ol' blog has managed to 'level up' a tad.

So, this quick missive has been written to show my appreciation to the subscribers (all six o' you), the lurkers and the information superhighway passers-by. You're the reason that bloggers put fingers to keys. In the immortal words of Bartles & James: "Thank you for your support."

– SP

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