Please deposit 'fiddy' cents

"If I ruled the world..." by way of royal edict I would order Capcom to produce a special edition Street Fighter arcade version that pulls double duty as a jukebox. That way, whenever players clanked a couple o' quarters into the slots of the Capcom vs. Wurlitzer Classic™, they'd get more bang for their half-a-buck by getting to pick out a def jam as well. And on those nights that I had my incredibly fetching female chauffeur drive me to the 24-hour laundromat to throw down against some hapless mark, the song "Chun Li" by Ryu Black (aka Ravage the MeccaGodzilla) would be my #1 draft pick. This infectious lil' posse cut was the first single from Ryu's 2011 album, Perfect 天, and features some stellar assists by Random (aka Mega Ran), Masia One and DJ Sarasa. On the infrequent occasions when I get Street Fighter on the brain (see previous post), I've simply gots'ta to hear this song. And though it has already been blogged about here before, just like the classic game that inspired it, "Chun Li" is always worth a replay. – SP

Ryu Black – Chun Li ft. Random, Masia One & DJ Sarasa

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