The T.R.O.Y. Blog Presents Monsta Island Czars - Return to Monsta Island, Vols. 1 & 2

At the start of the summer, Dirt Doggy Dog and the crew over @ the T.R.O.Y. Blog brought heat to the interwebs with two beastly compilation mixtapes featurin' your favorite dai-kaiju inspired hip-hop crew and mine, Monsta Island Czars! That's right, true believers, because those underground favorites never got around to releasing a sequel to 2003's Escape From Monsta Island!, the mad scientists at T.R.O.Y. Industries™ bumrushed the lab and went completely Doctor Frankenstein. The result is two mixtapes that give a welcome fix to anyone who's been jonesin' for more MIC brand dopeness. Both of 'em have been in repeat rotation since I got 'em, and it seemed like a really good idea to share 'em here at YKFS Central.


T.R.O.Y. Presents Return To Monsta Island Vol. 1

01. X-Ray – A Monsta (Intro)
02. King Geedorah – Fazers
03. Rodan – Ability to Speak (One Week)
04. Jet Jaguar – All Y’all
05. Spiega – Now That’s Sweet
06. Megalon – Revelations
07. Gigan – Live Wirez Remix
08. Kong – Use Me
09. Kamackeris (as Kwite Def) – All is Fair
10. Megalon (as Tommy Gun) – I’m Counting on You
11. Gigan – In Search Of
12. Jet Jaguar – The Way
13. Spiega – I Seen It All
14. King Geedorah – The Fine Print
15. Jet Jaguar – Stable
16. Kamackeris (as Kwite Def) – Khadijah 2008
17. Rodan – No Degrees
18. Megalon – Rain Blood
19. Gigan – Gunshots
20. Kamackeris – Untouchable
21. Kong & Spiega – True Believers
22. Megalon – When I Go Out
23. Rodan – Human Inquisition
24. X-Ray – Monstaball (Outro)


T.R.O.Y. Presents Return To Monsta Island Vol. 2

1. Rodan- Century 21 ft. Megalon
2. Rodan- Roll Call ft. Kong, Kamackeris, & Gigan
3. Kong- Beast ft. Spiega
4. Kong- Die ft. Megalon, Egyptian Queen, King Ceasar, Loch Ness, & Spiega
5. Kong- War ft. 5th Element & Spiega
6. The Reavers- Genocide ft. Spiega, billy woods, & Kong
7. MF Grimm- Taken
8. Megalon- Yahkoo
9. Kamackeris- Kill Or Be Killed ft. Spiega, Rio, & Foul Language
10. Kong- Get Your Money Right
11. Kong- Lifted ft. Gabarah & Monsta X
12. Megalon- Keep It Street
13. Gigan- Outta Jail
14. MF Grimm- Dancin’
15. The Reavers- America ft. Spiega, Hasan Salaam, & Akir
16. Darc Mind- Spontaneous ft. Kamackeris
17. Rodan- Flight Lessons (Lyric Medley)
18. billy woods- Death From Above ft. Kong & Spiega
19. MF Grimm- The Original (DJ Fakts One Remix)
20. Kong- Red Tears ft. Spiega & Delilah
21. Rodan- Run The Sphere V. 2.3 ft. Kong, Loch Ness, Megalon, King Ceasar, Kamackeris, King Ghidra, & Jet Jaguar
22. MF Grimm- Voices (The Final Chapter)



The_Swann said...

This is great! So nice to see more MIC fans repping their stuff. We're too few and far between :)

St. Paco said...

Too far and few, indeed. Thanks for leaving your mark.