Octopussy Companion

Octopussy Companion: The Pocket Pussy promotional mini-zine. 18 page accordion fold booklet, limited to 38 copies. (There is a chance the edition size will be expanded to 58 copies, I haven't made up my mind just yet.)

Seven years ago, in conjunction with the first issue of Kung Fu Grip!, I probably made close to two-hundred copies of the One Inch Punch mini-zine. But I had no intention of going all out like that when I finally talked myself into doing another one of these in conjunction with Octopussy.

It's a fairly involved process cutting, folding and then gluing these little booklets into their covers – which also have to be cut.

Frankly, I really only made it to find a place for some of the cooler left-overs that didn't make it into Octopussy. I am happy with the end result, though, and therefore glad I listened to myself about producing another.

The accordion fold is one of the oldest forms of bookmaking. According to various sources (like this one), this kind of bookmaking is called the orihon structure in Japan, and it was heavily employed there during the Heian period (794–1185), particularly in the writing of Buddhist sutras.

Books made in the accordion fold format were also produced throughout Mexico and Central America by the Maya and the Aztec populations. And those books were typically made out of deerskin or amate, the paper made from the inner bark of trees.

Obviously, it's much easier making them with 8.5 x 11" paper, printer ink, a cutting board and glue – but still. A limited edition will more than scratch the itch that prompted its creation. Consider ya'self lucky if you get one.

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